The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Now that my dear friend Christina has made a new design for me, it suddenly became so much more fun to blog.  So after cleaning all the spiderwebs away- here's a new, fresh post!
A couple of weeks ago, me and my sister visited the Warner Bros Studios and spent about three hours with Harry Potter- rooms, clothes and a million other amazing things! 

The cupboard under the stairs. 

These were actual clothes that were used during the movies. The ones on the left belonged to Robert Pattinson during the fourth movie, but unfortunately I never had a chance to grab them :'( 


Umbridge's wall with rules 

 Mirror of Erised

I want this door, how cool would that be?? 


Umbridge's office at the Ministry of Magic

Me and my delicious butterbeer =)- why am I glaring? 

Diagon Alley!! 

The names of those who had a part in making the HP-movies. Hundreds of them, it was mindblowing. 

Postat av: Ronald W

vad många bild! :D HONUNGSÖL! du får inte glömma bort svenskan där borta ;)

2013-05-03 @ 20:58:08
Postat av: Ronald W

bilder* vad många bilder* ska det stå haha

2013-05-03 @ 20:58:26

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