Curly curls

Got the shock of my life when I realized that there was an ASDA Superstore very, very close to where I live. When I had gotten over the shock, me and my new friend Daphne all but ran there to let loose. 
I got a curl iron for 3£, (wowcher), which I've come to love with all my heart. 

I need to invest in some hairspray to get the curls to stay for more than an hour, but it's a great thing to do when you're bored, and you realize- you've actually got a huge amount of hair! 
What's with the halflidded eyes? It looks like I'm drunk, or extremely tired, and I'm neither (thanks to x cups of coffee). It also looks like I've got a sunburn, but that's impossible since there hasn't been any sunshine at all since Monday.... Summer 2013- where are you??? 
When I was out today I guy that passed me on the street said to me: 
"Are you a baked potatoe? Because you are hot!" 

My response was to laugh and say 'thanks'. Why a baked potatoe? Is it because I'm a little chubby? Ah well, it was a fun compliment anyways. 

Fun with cammie!

(With cammie I mean my webcam, if anyone had trouble understanding that.)
Tried to touch my nose with my tongue, but it was impossible. I think I need a giraffe's tongue to do that...
Believe it or not, but this picture hasn't been edited- at all. My head does look that when I turn it. 
Duck-face. Enough said. 
Today I was referred to as a 'reggie' at the newly opened 'The Breakfast club' in Clapham. (Reggie = Regular) I've been there three times, and they already love me. Life is goood. 

Happy belated Birthday to me!

Yes, yesterday was my 22nd birthday! Wasn't sure if the family would do anything, besides saying 'Happy birthday' of course, but I was proved wrong when I headed down to the kitchen yesterday morning and found them all putting up a banner with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 
If that wasn't enough, they gave me a delicous chocolate cake with candy on top, which the kids and I gobbled down in seconds. 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Now that my dear friend Christina has made a new design for me, it suddenly became so much more fun to blog.  So after cleaning all the spiderwebs away- here's a new, fresh post!
A couple of weeks ago, me and my sister visited the Warner Bros Studios and spent about three hours with Harry Potter- rooms, clothes and a million other amazing things! 

The cupboard under the stairs. 

These were actual clothes that were used during the movies. The ones on the left belonged to Robert Pattinson during the fourth movie, but unfortunately I never had a chance to grab them :'( 


Umbridge's wall with rules 

 Mirror of Erised

I want this door, how cool would that be?? 


Umbridge's office at the Ministry of Magic

Me and my delicious butterbeer =)- why am I glaring? 

Diagon Alley!! 

The names of those who had a part in making the HP-movies. Hundreds of them, it was mindblowing. 

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