Konversationer med de små

Alla vet att barn ibland säger knäppa saker. Ibland lite roliga saker. Och ibland hur-roligt-som-helst-så-jag-får-skrattanfall-saker. 

Vid matbordet: 
Jag: Missy, eat faster, you're taking forever! 
Missy (4): I AM eating fast! 
Jag: No, you're eating slow. Even snails eats faster, and they're REALLY slow. 
Missy: I was born slow, so there! 

Orson (7): Julia, on Saturday mornings you have to come to mine and Missy's school. 
Jag: Why? 
Orson: To learn things. Duh. 
Jag: Orson, I'm 15 years older than you. What can you possibly hope to teach me? 
Orson: I know the names of almost every dinosaur AND every football player. Do you? Actually, don't answer that, I KNOW you don't know. 
Jag:...Only if it's not too early, I want to sleep in. 
Orson: Will you be awake by 10:30?
Jag: Maybe. But don't count on it. 

En totalt onödig konversation då jag vet att han kommer ha glömt allt om skolan inom en timme. Men vad gör man inte för de små?  

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