For the past two days, I've had a Merlin-marathon. But more than that- I've drooled over Bradley James, the gorgeous man who plays Prince Arthur. I mean, look at him!!!! You can look, but you can't touch. He's mine. For all eternity. 

It has arrived!!!

Here I am now, with my new best friend. 
I literally jumped up and down with joy after the postman had left, I was so happy, there were no words to describe it. Luckily I was home alone. 
And no, there's nothing, not even gorgeous calendars, that can top this wonderful scarf. You know who you are. 

My Ssslytherin Ssscarf

Very soon I'll be the owner of this beautiful creation! I've wanted one for ages, and now I've finally ordered one. I know I'm a Ravenclaw on Pottermore, but I still love the Slytherin scarf most, I think it's the colours. A huge (huuuge) plus is that the gorgeous Christian Coulson played Tom Riddle in the second Harry Potter movie. Am I obsessed? Nooo. 


Voldemort is disappointed in me

A couple of years ago, I did a test on the internet- how evil are you? 
I was of course certain that I was Voldemort's descendant; he died the day I was born, that alone had to be a sign. I saw it as his wish to continue his lifework- to kill all the muggles and halfbloods. 
Back to the test. When I did it the first time it turned out I had 10% evil in me, which was a huge hit to the ego. What's the saying, Voldemort would turn in his grave? Eh, I don't really care. But I'm sure he would. 
Today I took the test again, to see if I was any more evil than last time, but no. It was worse. Now I had 5% evil in me. So I've become nicer than I was before, which for some is good news, but for me... it's a catastrophe. How can I make Voldemort proud when I'm more good than evil? No, that's just it, I can't, it's impossible. Maybe this evil business isn't for me...

Here's what I imagine he'd look like, if he ever saw my test results. 

Flapjacks and Starbucks

After visiting family in Sweden for the past two weeks it's time to go back to London. It feels quite nice, actually, because... : I can go to Starbucks again, yippie!! And eat flapjacks, that sadly enough doesn't exist in Sweden, (not that I know of, anyways). 
Love you with all my heart. My tummy loves you, too. 


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