Voldemort is disappointed in me

A couple of years ago, I did a test on the internet- how evil are you? 
I was of course certain that I was Voldemort's descendant; he died the day I was born, that alone had to be a sign. I saw it as his wish to continue his lifework- to kill all the muggles and halfbloods. 
Back to the test. When I did it the first time it turned out I had 10% evil in me, which was a huge hit to the ego. What's the saying, Voldemort would turn in his grave? Eh, I don't really care. But I'm sure he would. 
Today I took the test again, to see if I was any more evil than last time, but no. It was worse. Now I had 5% evil in me. So I've become nicer than I was before, which for some is good news, but for me... it's a catastrophe. How can I make Voldemort proud when I'm more good than evil? No, that's just it, I can't, it's impossible. Maybe this evil business isn't for me...

Here's what I imagine he'd look like, if he ever saw my test results. 


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